2015 Mantra – “Be Present – Be Kind”

My Mantra for 2015 will continue to be the same going forward as in the past few years… “Be Present – Be Kind.” Be present and kind in each moment to God, others and yourself. Be who you are and where you are at… In the category of for whatever it’s worth, here are a […]

Bringing Joy and Meaning to Our Lives by Giving It Away

Recently I had the privilege and joy to stop at The Shower Program at The St. Malachi Center and deliver donations and toiletries. It was one of the best parts of my day! Monday through Friday mornings, clean public shower facilities are available for homeless men and women. Towels and toiletries are provided free of […]

The Garden of Gethsemani

The story of Christ in Agony in the Garden is a short but rich one. It has all sorts of meaning and relevancy to our day. No matter where one stands in their theology they potentially can resonate with many of the stories themes- Ever been asleep and not present when you were needed most? …Have you ever […]

Called to Connect and Serve

Recently on a visit to one of our security operation centers (SOCs) in Boston, I had an occasion to stop and reflect. I was overcome with feelings of connectedness, gratitude, sadness, and optimism at once. Recent census numbers from my home city, Cleveland, represented a sad and real truth: 54 percent of all Cleveland school […]

Fall Prose and Musings

Fall Prose and Musings As summer comes to a close with its last roses and slight warm gentle breezes, a subtle transition occurs. We evolve from summer’s predictability to the uncertainty of fall- maturation. This is a time of reflection where we integrate the memories and experiences of summer with the intense colors and changes […]