Mentoring – to Teach is to Learn

The value of mentorship in leadership and career development is a practice that is often underrated and underutilized. You never know what you are doing or saying when people are watching and listening and what a difference or an impact you may have on the rest of their careers (or lives) or their companies’ successes. […]

Finding the Time and Reason for Philanthropic Participation

Building a company legacy and culture can be assisted and fostered by participation in philanthropic activities in the community. Selling this effort internally can be as difficult as actually delivering in the community. In business it is important to shareholders to understand and have demonstrated for them what will be a return on investment. If […]

[podcast] NEOSA Interviews Kevin Goodman, Bluebridge Networks

Archived online, Feb 28 2013. You’ll need to scroll down the page to the February 28th podcast link. Read full article

Five Questions with BlueBridge Networks

Published on COSE’s blog, February 2013. “We’ve been well-acquainted with BlueBridge Networks for a number of years. They’re NEOSA members, they support many of our initiatives and we share board seats at a couple of different organizations. In fact, I can still recall the press reports announcing the launch of BlueBridge many years ago …” […]

Business Class Visits BlueBridge Networks

Published on Lutheran West website, October 2012. “Business Management class toured the BlueBridge Networks data center in downtown Cleveland prior to a luncheon at The Union Club of Cleveland. Describing the reason for multiple levels of redundancy in the BlueBridge data center, Petar Bojovic, Director of Operations declared, “Time is money for our customers” …” […]

Economic Growth in Cleveland

Published on SOS Associates blog, October 2012. “As part of the BlueBridge Network ( – @BlueBridgeLLC) Customer Appreciation Series, the Economic Growth in Cleveland event took place on Thursday, September 13, 2012. This annual event, hosted by BlueBridge Network’s Kevin and John Goodman, was the annual get-together of tech and business people on the tarmac […]